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16 grudnia 2017
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Service Information

Millennium DM S.A. offers a highly professional Internet Service which provides you with an access to a wide range of information and services offered by our Brokerage House. Thanks to the state-of-the-art IT system, reliable partners and innovative and experienced staff we have created products which will allow our Clients to run effective operations regardless of their location.

The Internet service of Millennium DM S.A. enables access to the following:

  • specification of products offered by Millennium DM S.A. ,
  • Regulations, Tables of Fees and Charges, Announcements of Millennium DM S.A.
  • template agreements, annexes and any documents related to the services offered by Millennium DM S.A. ,
  • recommendations of research of Millennium DM S.A. ,
  • quotations of selected securities,
  • up-to-date information from NOTORIA SERVICE,
  • values of FUTURES indices,
  • technical research of companies,
  • stock exchange quotations with a 15-minute delay,
  • delayed PAP news,
  • value of indices on global stock exchange markets,
  • global f/x rates,
  • ongoing daily quotations and data archive for updates of investment fund profiles.

The Service offered by Millennium DM S.A. allows the Investor to run active investment operations over the Internet. The Clients with individual password /profile assigned by Millennium DM S.A. , have direct access to the following:

  • Web Investor application which enables placing instructions over the Internet on CeTo and on the WSE in all trading systems (excluding block transactions),
  • information on the current balance of the securities account and the cash account,
  • history of the investment account,
  • current PAP news /subject to fee/,
  • current REUTERS INWESTOR news /subject to fee/,
  • real-time stock exchange quotations /subject to fee/.

Moreover, the Clients can choose the option of receiving selected information on the securities account, Exchange-listed companies and the capital market via email or SMS.

The investors using our application can take the following actions:

  • place instructions to buy and sell securities, property rights and derivative rights, as well as cancellation of previously placed instructions,
  • place instructions to transfer funds from the cash account held with Millennium DM S.A. to the bank accounts indicated by Millennium DM S.A. ,
  • check the balance of the investment account.

The major advantages of investing via our website are low operating costs, time savings and direct access to the investment account. We would like to assure you that with your security on mind, we have selected the best available security level for the transferred orders.
The Clients placing buy/sell orders for securities over the Internet are offered discounts on broker fees, see "The Table of Fees and Charges for the services provided over the Internet". Our Clients are offered not only a direct access to online stock exchange quotations, news from the capital market or access to investment accounts, but also a convenient method for executing agreements and annexes in the privacy of their own homes.

Millennium DM S.A. offers its Clients access to the daily quotations and the data archive for the investment funds and open pension funds profile updates. The investment funds offer covers:

  • stock funds,
  • balanced funds,
  • stable growth funds,
  • bond funds,
  • money market funds,
  • foreign funds,
  • privatisation funds,
  • index funds.

On our website, you will also find the futures indices and stock exchange indices of the world's major stock exchanges. The futures indices offer encompasses the following:

  • S & P Future
  • NASDAQ 100 Fut
  • CAC Futures
  • DAX Futures
  • London FT-SE Future
  • Swiss SMI Future
  • Nikkei/CME Future

The above range of products offered via the Internet Service of Millennium DM S.A. will be successively expanded to cover the products offered by our Brokerage House in a traditional manner and those newly introduced to our offer.

Millennium Dom Maklerski Spółka Akcyjna
Millennium Dom Maklerski Spółka Akcyjna (Millennium Brokerage House Joint Stock Company) seated at ul. Stanisława Żaryna 2A, 02-593 Warszawa, Poland, registered in the National Court Register kept by the District Court of Warsaw, entry No. KRS 0000053322. Tax identification number (NIP): 526-10-28-684. Company capital: PLN 16 500 000.00 . Contributed capital: PLN 16 500 000.00.
Millennium Brokerage House takes all efforts to ensure so that the information and commentaries provided in its website are accurate and reliable. Millennium Brokerage House shall not be liable for any investment decisions taken based on the information and commentaries provided on its website.